War Commander

All You Ever Wanted To Know About War Commander Game, Best War Commander Tips, War Commander Strategy and much more

War Commander - All You Ever Wanted To Know About War Commander Game, Best War Commander Tips, War Commander Strategy and much more

Operation Hellstorm 2

War Commander Operation Hellstorm 2

Commander get ready cause operation Hell storm 2 is starting at the 20th of February (until the 27th of February).
As in any war commander operation in the past, you will find here all you need to know about operation hell storm 2, guides, tips, videos, prizes and much more. so come back soon so you don’t miss anything about war commander operation hell storm 2.

  • Hybrid event (attack and defense waves)
  • You will be fighting troops Commanded by Dr. Heinrich von Kruger
  • You can fight Infinite number of waves
  • Xp starts at 600 xp and Increases with each Wave

New Elite Hellstorm – Requirements Beat Wave 70, Unlocking Requirements Requirement Link, Classification Aircraft
New Missile Barrage – Requirements Beat Wave 80, Unlocking Requirements Requirement Link, Classification Component
New Hellstorm Schematic – Requirements 40,000 Xp, Unlocking Requirements Requirement Link, Classification Schematic
Enforcer – Reg XP Cost 35,000 Xp, Sale XP Cost 17,500 Xp, Unlocking Requirements Mega Tank, Classification Vehicle
Halcyon – Reg XP Cost 20,000 XP, Sale XP Cost 14,000 XP, Unlocking Requirements Raptor, Classification Turret
Hellstorm – Reg XP Cost 25,000 XP, Sale XP Cost 12,500 XP, Unlocking Requirements Raptor, Classification Aircraft
FAV Schematic – Reg XP Cost 34,000 XP, Sale XP Cost 17,000 XP,Unlocking Requirements FAV, Classification Schematic

War Commander Hellstorm 2 Event wave 1 to 10

Hellstorm 2 Event wave 11 to 20

Hellstorm 2 Event wave 21 to 30

The in-game description:
“The storm’s far from over, Commander! Dr. Heinrich von Kruger and the Verkraft have come out of hiding to launch a large-scale assault on the weakened World Map. Ready your forces – Operation: Hellstorm 2 is coming! — R.U.B.I. ”

Operation Desert Recon

War Commander Operation Desert Recon

Get ready guys operation desert recon is starting on Nov 20, 2013 (an 6 days event ending in Nov 27, 2013)
As always you will find here all you need to know about operation desert recon, Tips, Prizes, hints, player guides, videos and much more.

Desert recon is a hybrid event (Attack and Defense Waves)
There are Infinite number of waves (as much as you can take)
You must Defend your Base from the highway zealot’s forces in order to complete each Defense Wave (eliminate all attacking Rogue Units while protecting your command center)
The attack waves are called Outpost waves, to complete an attack you must Destroy all Buildings and Turrets on the Rogue Outpost.
Fortress Waves are called Desert Compound Waves, be aware you must attack them from all direction. But first you must one on the World Map. since you start the attack you will have limited time of 90 min to destroy the outpost.

Desert recon prizes
Viper – (Experience Required 50,000 xp,Unlocking Requirements Unknown, Classification Infantry)
Warhead launcher – (Experience Required 34,000 xp,Unlocking Requirements Mega Tank, Classification)
Kondor - (Experience Required 18,550 xp,Unlocking Requirements Raptor, Classification Component Aircraft)
Gatling Truck Schematic – (Experience Required 17,000 xp,Unlocking Requirements Gatling Truck, Classification Schematic)
Suicide Truck – (Experience Required 8,840 xp,Unlocking Requirements Suicide Truck, Classification Vehicle)

War commander operation desert recon videos:

Operation Desert Recon : Wave 1-24 : War Commander

War Commander Operation Desert Recon Prizes

The in-game description:
“Highway Zealot scripture states that the first inhabitants of Earth buried ancient relics that, when combined, held the power to end entire civilizations. Is it possible for the doctrine to become a reality? Hope for the best, Commander”

Be sure to come back soon for all the information about war commander operation desert recon

Operation Deadpoint 2

Operation Deadpoint 2

After The amazing operation deadpoint we can’t wait for the new war commander operation Deadpoint 2 !!
The event will start at 26/9 and end on the 3/10.

As always you will find here all you need to know to be prepared to war commander operation deadpoint 2.
It’s going to be a hybrid event (attack and defend)
infinite number of stages
XP per stage begins at 600 xp and increases by 0 to 40 xp per stage

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New units:
Spectre – Experience Required 40,000 xp Classification Unique / Air Unlocking Requirements To Be Announced
Hellfire Schematic – Experience Required 30,000 xp Classification Schematic Unlocking Requirements Unlocked Hellfire

Defence – You will get a Special Rogue Faction Event Base adjacent to your own base To complete each Defense Wave you must need to Defend your Base from a Rogue Attack

Attack – To complete a Standard Attack Wave You need to Destroy all Buildings and Turrets on the Rogue Event Base.

War Commander Preview Server – Operation Deadpoint 2

War Commander Operation Deadpoint 2 Prizes

The In game description
“The Eastern Horde are as strong as ever, supporting their Thorium monopoly from increasingly airtight Mountain Fortresses scattered throughout the World Map. It’s time to put a stop to this before General Mutoto’s reign becomes permanent!”

Come back soon for more information, Tips and videos about war commander operation dead point 2.

Operation Deadpoint

War Commander Operation Deadpoint

Get ready for the new war commander operation: dead point.

Operation Deadpoint will start at 29/8 and will last 4/9 and it will be a Hybrid event attacking and defending.
As Always you will find here all you need to know about the operation, From tips to Videos.

Start Time For Each Sector: Sectors 000-049: 09:00am PDT, Sectors 050-099: 09:30am PDT, Sectors 100-149: 10:00am PDT, Sectors 100-149: 10:00am PDT, Sectors 150-199: 10:30am PDT, Sectors 200-249: 11:00am PDT, Sectors 250-299: 11:30am PDT, Sectors 300-349: 12:00pm PDT, Sectors 350-399: 12:30pm PDT, Sectors 400+: 1:00pm PDT

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Operation Deadpoint Tips:

XP per stage will begin in 600 and increase by +20 each stage (infinite number of stages, it’s all up to you…)

Four new Units in the event shop:
Widowmaker (45,000 XP), Laser Tank Schematic (34,000 XP), Ionized Armor (16,000 XP), Heavy Ionized Armor (22,000 XP)

You will have a Special Rogue Faction Base adjacent to your own base. and you are the only one who can attack the rogue faction base.

You must Defend your Base from a Rogue Attack to complete every stage. You may surrender at any time during the Rogue Attack. then you can Repair and Adjust the Base Defenses and restart that stage

Some waves may have special objective which must be completed in order to advance to the next Wave

Operation Deadpoint Videos:

War Commander Preview Deadpoint

War Commander Preview operation DeadPoint wave 1-15

War Commander Preview operation DeadPoint wave 16 – 30

The in-game description:
“Bloodshed over the world’s Thorium supply has only just begun. Revered warlord General Mutoto has pillaged every last bit of the precious resource, leaving nothing but scorched earth in his path. Prepare your platoons – the battle of a lifetime is coming – R.U.B.I”

Come Back soon for new information and tips about war commander operation Deadpoint.

War Commander Operation CrossFire

war commander operation crossfire

On the 11/4 a new War Commander Operation begins !!! Operation Crossfire.

Here you will learn all you need to know about all the operation crossfire waves

War Commander Operation CrossFire Wave 1 to 5

War Commander Operation CrossFire Wave 6 to 10

War Commander Operation CrossFire Wave 11 to 14

War Commander Operation Crossfire Wave 15 to 19

operation crossfire is an Offensive and Defensive event. and we believe that there are additional bonus waves which yield considerably more exp.

The prizes are: Eilte Rhino, Elite Mega, Elite Humvee ,Elite Rifleman, Elite suicide Truck

War Commander Preview, Operation Crossfire:

“advanced intel confirms enemy powers have enganged in secret talk of forging an alliance to push for World Map supremacy. there Goal is simple: collectively wipe out anything that stands in their path. Hunker down, Commander – enemy fire’s on the horizon!”

War Commander Special Ops

War Commander Special Ops

You will now be able to achieve a greater level of power as Special Ops are available at War Commander. this boosts can be collected and stored for use when you need that extra punch to accomplish your missions !

you can  acquire special ops by attacking road faction bases. after destroying the command center of an road faction base you will win a resources bonus or a special op. once you have earned a special op click on one of the three new icons in the upper left corner of the screen to view your inventory.

there are many different types of special ops that provide a variety bonuses. some of them are also more rare and more difficult to earn then others, indicated by there color.

Common special ops:

Pickpocket -  that increases loot acquired by 40%. (common, tactical, duration 1d)

Hard charger -  6 mercenary Rhinos deploy when your base is under attack (common, defensive, duration 12h)

Uncommon special ops:

Anti-personnel shells -  buildings you destroy do not produce last standing defenders (uncommon, tactical, duration 1h)

Hookers - transport choppers allows your plattons to move faster and ignore terrain. when op is done all your plattons return to your base (uncommon, tactical, duration 1h)

Rare Special ops:

Raining blood – 2 level 10 mercenary hell-storms join your attack after you deploy groung units  (rare, offensive, duration 1h)

Double agent – building you destroy produce suicide bombers and flamethrowers and heavy gunners who fight for you.

Watch this Commander use Hookers to airlift his platoons and travel the World Map to his next target in no time

Operation Red Swarm

22/2 – 28/2 Have Fun Commander

consisting of attacking and defending elements

Wave 1-10= 600EXP

Wave 10-20=800EXP

Wave 20-40=900EXP

Wave 41-50=1200EXP

Red Swarm Waves 1-10

Red Swarm Waves 10-20

Red Swarm Waves 20-30

The Kalashnikov bond has been broken. Although Sasha’s father Sergei has spared her life, her failed coup attempt has led to her exile from the Sickle Syndicate. Recent intel indicates she’s currently roaming the barren wastelands with a small group of followers recruiting pilots and capturing enemy aircraft. Be prepared, Commander – no one is safe!

By putting her superior airpower to use, Kalashnikov and her small group of loyalists have overthrown and assumed control of the Black Widow Rogue Faction. Directly following the battle, Kalashinov let remaining soldiers know their options: “The spider is no more. The Swarm has prevailed. Join the Swarm or die.”

This is going to be so exciting !!!

The rumours says it is going to be a defence and an attack event, after the hellstorm we had to defence against the waves we can’t wait to attack and kick some ass !!!

We think Its going to be an attacking, look at the pattern of events. We’re going to be seeing a variety of aircraft from Cobras to Havocs. If you have elite gats, stingers and hercules your in the clear

But come back for more up dates, to get ready for operation Red Swarm

War Commander

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War Commander -Beginners Player Guide

War Commander is tower defense game that gives you the ability to control your troops, battle units and build a base that must be defended. Here is our guide to help you defend your base, improve your raids, and level up.

Upgrade as much as you can, especially your defensive towers, your power plants and your Command Center.

Keep checking your goals, when you complete a goal you do not get your reward until you open the goal bar and then click on the completed goal and then click on “claim.” Until you claim them, you do not get the resources for completing the goals so keep checking your goal bar.

Defending your base

When you are under attack, the person attacking you can only deploy their land units a certain distance away from walls and buildings. A good defense strategy is to place a section of wall at each corner and then to space wall sections out along the border of your base.

Your power plants are important when it comes to base defense. Your defense towers only operate at 25% if you have no working power plants, so put them where they can be defended the best, in the center of you base along with your Command Center, which needs to be protected as well. Use sandbags to build up more of a defense.

Your storage buildings have more resources than your resource gathers so protecting your storage buildings is more important than protecting your resource gatherers. Position your storage buildings by your power plants, at the center of your base. If your base gets attacked, you will lose fewer resources by allowing your resource gatherers to be attacked before your storage buildings.

When placing your defending towers, you might be tempted to spread them out to cover as much of your base as possible, but the problem with that is that when one tower is destroyed in an attack, the surrounding buildings will be undefended. To prevent this, group your defense towers in groups of two or more; you will get best results by mixing up the types of defense towers that are grouped. The best strategy is to group a gun turret with a mortar tower.

Quickly upgrade your power plants, mortar towers, and gun turrets; place sandbags around these buildings to better protect them.

Use the Academy to unlock your infantry units and then use the Barracks to produce them; create a good mix of different skills instead of all of one type.

If you have a building that is upgrading or that is researching it will pause when destroyed or even damaged, so make sure that these are placed where they can be defended by your defensive towers.

Your Go-Go Bar is important because you get a damage boost to the units that are on your base but that boost goes away when your Go-Go Bar gets destroyed so put your Go-Go Bar towards the center of your base where it can be better defended.

Place your tanks on your gun turrets and place them on stand-ground stance (must be Command Center level 3 or above for this).

Snipers are your long-range defense so place them in bunkers to help take out minesweepers quickly. You should also place your heavy gunners and riflemen in bunkers.

When it comes to Suicide Bombers, place them on either aggressive or normal stance and hide them behind trees outside of your base.

Place your AA units on mortar towers or hide them behind buildings that are most prone to being hit with your opponent’s air units

When placing mines, place them outside of the range of your turrets; this increases the chance that when your attacker deploys troops, that they will hit the mines first.


The best way to destroy gun turrets during an attack is through the use of your tanks. If the gun turret has a short range, use the Razorback. If your tanks are not unlocked, you can use rocket launchers, suicide bombers, and flame throwers.

Mortar towers are best destroyed by using your air units, high-speed units such as the rocket buggy, and tanks with medics and techs, always make sure to send in at least two medics.

Send a unit out in front to clear mines and then have your other units follow behind it, we recommend sending a tank in front and then sending your infantry behind the tank.

Always make sure to send in some air units after gun turrets have been destroyed. Use air units against all ground units except Humvees. For Humvees use tanks, rocket launchers, rocket buggies, suicide bombers, and flame throwers.

Once you have destroyed walls and buildings you can now deploy your units there. Take out a section of building or wall out and then deploy the next batch of troops in that area instead of further away.

When you find yourself up against a gun turret, either placed next to a mortar tower you can use tanks with medics and techs-with at least two medics- or you can send in some units as bait and then send in tanks and air units.

Use your rifleman to bait the mortar towers, move them back and forth just slightly within range of the mortar tower, and then use your tanks to destroy the tower while they are focused on the rifleman.


When attacking a base, if you cannot destroy the base fully but manage to do significant damage, the base gets put into damage protection and you cannot attack it again until it comes off of damage protection. You can maximize the damage that you do to enemy bases and can destroy them without putting them into damage protection too early by attacking in phases instead of one all and out attack on their base. Use riflemen for your first attack, not only can you deploy large amounts of riflemen at once, but you can quickly train new riflemen in your barracks. Send in your riflemen and attack only the opposing troops and when you destroy the troops only, end the attack. You might need to do this a few times depending on the base defenses, but keep attacking with riflemen and attack only their troops. For the second phase of the attack, you should also use riflemen, but instead of taking out the base defenses, target their power plants instead. Phase three is the main attack, hit them with your biggest and best, raid their resources, and destroy the remaining buildings.

War Commander Cheats and Hacks

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War Commander Cheats and Hacks

War Commander is a strategy game that is played on Facebook. Unless you are willing to spend your own money to play the game it will be a long and slow process to level up and progress in the game. Instead of spending money or leveling up bit by tiny bit, you can use Cheat Engine to help you progress quicker in the game.

Cheat Engine is a free program that you can download that allows you to actually see the message coding for the game, as you play it, and you can change the data using the program to give yourself an edge.

Welcome to our list of cheats and hacks for War Commander using Cheat Engine. You can download Cheat Engine at www.cheatengine.org for free at that site. We highly recommend going to www.youtube.com to learn how to use Cheat Engine, because the process that you select will differ depending on your browser. Just go to www.youtube.com and then search for “Cheat Engine Tutorial Chrome” or IE or Firefox. Get familiar with it before you try any of these cheats and hacks.

For all of these cheats and hacks, once you have replaced the codes or values you will always need to refresh your browser. Do this each time you use Cheat Engine to change something.

Try to pace the cheats that you do use, do not grow so fast that you draw attention to yourself, or your can get banned. Upgrade one level at a time or increase one thing at a time. Do one building at a time, refresh and then another building until they are all at the same level, do not upgrade from level 1 to level 5 suddenly, that will get you banned quickly.

Fast Unit Repair and Build Cheat

Open up War Commander and then start Cheat Engine. Open up the factory and decide what item you want to change the values for and see how much it would cost to make – let’s say that it might take 579.360 meta,l and 772.320 oil to make this.

First convert metal value to hex.

579.360 dec to 8D720 hex.

Separate the hex code from right to left like this (if the last number come single match you should add zero on it)

8D720 => 8 D7 20 => 08 D7 20

Now reverse the code:

08 D7 20 => 20 D7 08

Save that value: 20 D7 08

Do the same with oil:

dec to hex:

772.320 => BC8E0

Separete Blocks and reverse:

BC8E0 => B C8 E0 => 0B C8 E0 => E0 C8 0B

Value: E0 C8 0B

Now you need complete (with zero at the end) this value until he gets 4 hex codes (xx xx xx xx)

Some exemples: 64 3B (2hex codes) => 64 3B 00 00 (4 hex codes)

Metal Exemple: 20 D7 08 (3hex) => 20 D7 08 00 (4hex)

Oil Exemple: E0 C8 0B (3hex) => E0 C8 0B 00 (4hex)

Now merge both codes with metal first:

20 D7 08 00 + “E0 C8 0B 00″ = “20 D7 08 00 E0 C8 0B 00″

Now you have the first string to search for “20 D7 08 00 E0 C8 0B 00″.

Select Array of Bytes in cheat engine and search for this value, it will almost always give to you 2 or 4 values.

Add all values to your list change the first one a little bit (like this value “64 00 00 00 E0 C8 0B 00″ it will change the metal costs to 100 only) and check if the value was changed in factory if not proceed to next value until you have got the correct address don’t forget to change wrong values back to original value (“20 D7 08 00 E0 C8 0B 00″).

Now you have the correct address you should right click and “Browse this memory region” in that region you should see the current value (“20 D7 08 00 E0 C8 0B 00″ if you changed it back or “64 00 00 00 E0 C8 0B 00″ if you don’t changed back).

Those values correspond to:

Metal in 4 hex codes + Oil in 4 Hex codes followed by the build time in 4 hex codes.

In our example: we have “20 D7 08 00 E0 C8 0B 00 60 54 00 00″ where “60 54 00 00″ it’s the build time value. You can change it all to “64 00 00 00 64 00 00 00 03 00 00 00″ it will make metal and oil build cost 100 resources each and time you will get about 3 seconds

Do not try use lower timer value or it may crash the flash plugin.

Now you have Fast Build and Fast Repair for that unit.

For fast platoon repair, you should do this for each unit type you have in that platoon.

It works at airport too.

Units Upgrade

Open the game and then open Cheat Engine, choose your browser and set it on 4 bytes.

Go to the unit that you wish to upgrade and it will tell you the amount of oil and metal needed for the upgrade as well as how much time the upgrade will take.

Do a search for the amount of metal in Cheat Engine and then the results will display in a list to the left, click the first result, hit the SHIFT key and then click the last result and all results should be selected now. Now press the red arrow to move the entire list down.

Go to the list where the results were moved to, select all and then right click and select change record, then value and change the value to 0.

Refresh your browser. Repeat these steps only using the oil values instead. Refresh browser.

Now repeat again, but for the time but do not use a 0 value, use a value of 5 for five seconds.

Refresh your browser. You can now upgrade that unit.

Hex Codes for Fast Leveling

Open the game and then open Cheat Engine. Choose array of bytes, search for the hex code for the item you want to upgrade (hex codes listed below) and then change the hex code to “06 02 00 00”

Hex code list

Building Level Metal Oil Time

Command Center 1 06000000 06000000 06000000 first build

Command Center 2 86320200 86320200 C6120000

Command Center 3 069F2400 069F2400 06C20100

Command Center 4 06735500 06735500 068C0A00

Command Center 5 06366E01 06366E01 06A41F00

Command Center 6 060E2707 060E2707 E6197E00

Power Plant 1 C65D0000 863E0000 E6010000 first build

Power Plant 2 66EA0000 469C0000 66090000

Power Plant 3 F6490200 A6860100 FE3F0000

Power Plant 4 5EF70500 96D00300 266D0000

Power Plant 5 264E0E00 6E890900 2EBA0000

Power Plant 6 9ED71700 4EC32300 9E3D0100

Power Plant 7 36685900 CE9A3B00 D61D0200

Power Plant 8 FE029500 7E84DF00 5E9C0300

Power Plant 9 76877401 2ECB2E02 F6280600

Power Plant 10 E6FB7405 9E52A303 068C0A00

Metal / Oil Storage 1 D6070000 D6070000 E6000000 firsy build

Metal / Oil Storage 2 76170000 76170000 86030000

Metal / Oil Storage 3 56460000 56460000 06070000

Metal / Oil Storage 4 F6D20000 F6D20000 967E0000

Metal / Oil Storage 5 D6780200 D6780200 DEBD0000

Metal / Oil Storage 6 766A0700 766A0700 C61C0100

Metal / Oil Storage 7 563F1600 563F1600 06A90100

Metal / Oil Storage 8 F6BD4200 F6BD4200 A6800200

Metal / Oil Storage 9 D639C800 D639C800 66BF0300

Metal / Oil Storage 10 76AD5802 76AD5802 869D0500

War Factory 1 C64E0000 461F0000 CE000000 first build

War Factory 2 86D90000 06570000 86700000

War Factory 3 06580200 06F00000 06B40000

War Factory 4 06720600 06940200 06200100

War Factory 5 86B91100 06170700 D6CC0100

War Factory 6 06D43000 06921300 4EE10200

War Factory 7 06C48600 06E83500 AE9B0400

War Factory 8 06366E01 067C9200 765F0700

War Factory 9 06640104 06289A01 EECB0B00

War Factory 10 06ECF608 06485904 DEDF1200

Barracks 1 A6410000 461A0000 66090000 first build

Barracks 2 46B50000 86480000 86700000

Barracks 3 06F40100 06C80000 06B40000

Barracks 4 065F0500 06260200 06200100

Barracks 5 46C50E00 86E80500 D6CC0100

Barracks 6 86C52800 064F1000 4EE10200

Barracks 7 064E7000 06EC2C00 AE9B0400

Barracks 8 062D3101 06127A00 765F0700

Barracks 9 067E5603 06CC5501 EECB0B00

Barracks 10 06560F09 06BC9F03 DEDF1200

Airfield 1 865E0000 D6250000 C6120000 first build

Airfield 2 06050100 6E680000 86700000

Airfield 3 06D00200 06200100 06B40000

Airfield 4 06BC0700 06180300 06200100

Airfield 5 06451500 06820800 D6CC0100

Airfield 6 06B63A00 067C1700 4EE10200

Airfield 7 06B8A100 06B04000 AE9B0400

Airfield 8 0674B701 06C8AF00 765F0700

Airfield 9 0678CE04 0630EC01 EECB0B00

Airfield 10 0636C108 06F03705 DEDF1200

Tech Center 1 06710200 06FA0000 CE000000 first build

Tech Center 2 065F0500 06260200 D6070000

Tech Center 3 06D10B00 06BA0400 C65D0000

Tech Center 4 06FF1900 06660A00 C6D40100

Tech Center 5 06313900 6EE01600 06460500

Tech Center 6 36D27D00 1E543200 A6AC0D00

Tech Center 7 76CE1401 FEB86E00 46771B00

Tech Center 8 66F96002 F696F300 46F92F00

Tech Center 9 3EBE3B05 B6E51702 A61A5400

Tech Center 10 46152109 56F99A04 E6197E00

Academy 1 06770100 06960000 CE000000 first build

Academy 2 86A90300 06770100 D6070000

Academy 3 C6270900 86A90300 C65D0000

Academy 4 66E31600 C6270900 C6D40100

Academy 5 A65A3200 46241400 467E0500

Academy 6 66C76E00 C64F2C00 A6AC0D00

Academy 7 A6B6F300 467C6100 46771B00

Academy 8 662B1802 C677D600 46F92F00

Academy 9 C6563004 86EFAC01 A61A5400

Academy 10 86AD6008 06DF5903 06AF7D00

Defense Lab 1 C65D0000 C65D0000 CE000000 first build

Defense Lab 2 065F0500 06260200 D6070000

Defense Lab 3 06D10B00 06BA0400 C65D0000

Defense Lab 4 06FF1900 06660A00 C6D40100

Defense Lab 5 06313900 6EE01600 467E0500

Defense Lab 6 36D27D00 1E543200 A6AC0D00

Defense Lab 7 76CE1401 FEB86E00 46771B00

Defense Lab 8 66F96002 F696F300 46F92F00

Defense Lab 9 3EBE3B05 B6E51702 A61A5400

Defense Lab 10 46152109 56F99A04 E6197E00

Storage 1 06000000 06000000 06000000 first build

Storage 2 46130200 06900100 D6070000

Storage 3 C63F0500 06E80300 C65D0000

Storage 4 062F0D00 46E30900 C6D40100

Storage 5 86F52000 C6C71800 467E0500

Storage 6 C6655200 86C43D00 068C0A00

Storage 7 060ECE00 868A9A00 06181500

Storage 8 06230302 465A8201 06A41F00

Storage 9 86D70705 46F1C503 06302A00

Storage 10 C69A930C 46AC6E09 06BC3400

Oil Pump 1 4E0D0000 06000000 A6000000 first build

Oil Pump 2 461F0000 06000000 C6030000

Oil Pump 3 46510000 06000000 66090000

Oil Pump 4 46CE0000 06000000 86700000

Oil Pump 5 C6060200 06000000 06E10000

Oil Pump 6 86200500 06000000 86320200

Oil Pump 7 46D10C00 06000000 06460500

Oil Pump 8 06BD1F00 06000000 068C0A00

Oil Pump 9 86584F00 06000000 06181500

Oil Pump 10 06C1C500 06000000 06A41F00

Metal Factory 1 06000000 4E0D0000 A6000000 first build

Metal Factory 2 06000000 461F0000 C6030000

Metal Factory 3 06000000 46510000 66090000

Metal Factory 4 06000000 46CE0000 86700000

Metal Factory 5 06000000 C6060200 06E10000

Metal Factory 6 06000000 86200500 86320200

Metal Factory 7 06000000 46D10C00 06460500

Metal Factory 8 06000000 06BD1F00 068C0A00

Metal Factory 9 06000000 86584F00 06181500

Metal Factory 10 06000000 06C1C500 06A41F00

Bunker 1 861A0600 467E0500 C6120000 first build

Bunker 2 066A1800 06F91500 06650400

Bunker 3 06A86100 06E45700 06CA0800

Bunker 4 06A08601 06905F01 06941100

Bunker 5 066CDC02 065A6202 06282300

Mine Factory 1 469C0000 469C0000 06E10000 first build

Mine Factory 2 06710200 06710200 06C20100

Mine Factory 3 06530700 06530700 06840300

Mine Factory 4 06F91500 06F91500 06080700

Mine Factory 5 06EB4100 06EB4100 06100E00

Go-Go Bar 1 861A0600 06E20400 06E20400 first build

Go-Go Bar 2 C6270900 06D00700 86780700

Go-Go Bar 3 A6BB0D00 06800C00 066D0B00

Go-Go Bar 4 76991400 06001400 86231100

Go-Go Bar 5 2EE61E00 06002000 86ED1900

Walls 1 461F0000 06190000 06000000 first build

Walls 2 861A0600 06710200 06000000

Walls 3 066A1800 06350C00 06000000

Defense Platform 1 D6070000 D6070000 C6030000 first build

Defense Platform 2 06BADB00 06BADB00 86510100

Defense Platform 3 06449508 06449508 068C0A00

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War Commander – Operation HellStorm

operation hellstorm

Operation Hellstorm Has Began, We hope commander that you are holding back against  Dr. Heinrich von Kruger’s attacks waves of Verkraft vehicle, infantry, and air attacks. Do enough damage and you’ll be the proud owner of the Hellstorm Helicopter and the Stinger anti-air infantry unit. But watch out One misstep and your base will be reduced to rubble.

Very important tip - Destroy the Spotter before it unleashes its deadly Rockets on your defenses. Your success in this operation depends on it!

operation Hellstorm

Operation Hellstorm Waves 1-5

operation Hellstorm waves 6-10

operation Hellstorm waves 11-15

Operation Hellstorm Waves 16-20

Operation Hellstorm Waves 21-25

Operation Hellstorm Waves 26 – 30

Operation Hellstorm Waves 31 – 40

About Operation Hellstorm

Dr. Heinrich von Kruger’s Verkraft Faction are back with improved air technology and a desire to wipe out those who’ve wronged them in the past. The battle begins on he 24/1 we will sure be ready. The event will run until the 30/1 so free you calendar…

The Verkraft siege will feature the new Hellstorm Helicopter and provide you with the opportunity to win the new Stinger anti-aircraft infantry unit

The Operation are is going to be a defensive operation, We don’t know yet the numbers of waves you’ll have to defend your base against.

Be sure to come back here to check out all the news and updates about operaton Hellstorm

operation hellstorm
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