War Commander

All You Ever Wanted To Know About War Commander Game, Best War Commander Tips, War Commander Strategy and much more

War Commander - All You Ever Wanted To Know About War Commander Game, Best War Commander Tips, War Commander Strategy and much more

War Commander

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War Commander -Beginners Player Guide

War Commander is tower defense game that gives you the ability to control your troops, battle units and build a base that must be defended. Here is our guide to help you defend your base, improve your raids, and level up.

Upgrade as much as you can, especially your defensive towers, your power plants and your Command Center.

Keep checking your goals, when you complete a goal you do not get your reward until you open the goal bar and then click on the completed goal and then click on “claim.” Until you claim them, you do not get the resources for completing the goals so keep checking your goal bar.

Defending your base

When you are under attack, the person attacking you can only deploy their land units a certain distance away from walls and buildings. A good defense strategy is to place a section of wall at each corner and then to space wall sections out along the border of your base.

Your power plants are important when it comes to base defense. Your defense towers only operate at 25% if you have no working power plants, so put them where they can be defended the best, in the center of you base along with your Command Center, which needs to be protected as well. Use sandbags to build up more of a defense.

Your storage buildings have more resources than your resource gathers so protecting your storage buildings is more important than protecting your resource gatherers. Position your storage buildings by your power plants, at the center of your base. If your base gets attacked, you will lose fewer resources by allowing your resource gatherers to be attacked before your storage buildings.

When placing your defending towers, you might be tempted to spread them out to cover as much of your base as possible, but the problem with that is that when one tower is destroyed in an attack, the surrounding buildings will be undefended. To prevent this, group your defense towers in groups of two or more; you will get best results by mixing up the types of defense towers that are grouped. The best strategy is to group a gun turret with a mortar tower.

Quickly upgrade your power plants, mortar towers, and gun turrets; place sandbags around these buildings to better protect them.

Use the Academy to unlock your infantry units and then use the Barracks to produce them; create a good mix of different skills instead of all of one type.

If you have a building that is upgrading or that is researching it will pause when destroyed or even damaged, so make sure that these are placed where they can be defended by your defensive towers.

Your Go-Go Bar is important because you get a damage boost to the units that are on your base but that boost goes away when your Go-Go Bar gets destroyed so put your Go-Go Bar towards the center of your base where it can be better defended.

Place your tanks on your gun turrets and place them on stand-ground stance (must be Command Center level 3 or above for this).

Snipers are your long-range defense so place them in bunkers to help take out minesweepers quickly. You should also place your heavy gunners and riflemen in bunkers.

When it comes to Suicide Bombers, place them on either aggressive or normal stance and hide them behind trees outside of your base.

Place your AA units on mortar towers or hide them behind buildings that are most prone to being hit with your opponent’s air units

When placing mines, place them outside of the range of your turrets; this increases the chance that when your attacker deploys troops, that they will hit the mines first.


The best way to destroy gun turrets during an attack is through the use of your tanks. If the gun turret has a short range, use the Razorback. If your tanks are not unlocked, you can use rocket launchers, suicide bombers, and flame throwers.

Mortar towers are best destroyed by using your air units, high-speed units such as the rocket buggy, and tanks with medics and techs, always make sure to send in at least two medics.

Send a unit out in front to clear mines and then have your other units follow behind it, we recommend sending a tank in front and then sending your infantry behind the tank.

Always make sure to send in some air units after gun turrets have been destroyed. Use air units against all ground units except Humvees. For Humvees use tanks, rocket launchers, rocket buggies, suicide bombers, and flame throwers.

Once you have destroyed walls and buildings you can now deploy your units there. Take out a section of building or wall out and then deploy the next batch of troops in that area instead of further away.

When you find yourself up against a gun turret, either placed next to a mortar tower you can use tanks with medics and techs-with at least two medics- or you can send in some units as bait and then send in tanks and air units.

Use your rifleman to bait the mortar towers, move them back and forth just slightly within range of the mortar tower, and then use your tanks to destroy the tower while they are focused on the rifleman.


When attacking a base, if you cannot destroy the base fully but manage to do significant damage, the base gets put into damage protection and you cannot attack it again until it comes off of damage protection. You can maximize the damage that you do to enemy bases and can destroy them without putting them into damage protection too early by attacking in phases instead of one all and out attack on their base. Use riflemen for your first attack, not only can you deploy large amounts of riflemen at once, but you can quickly train new riflemen in your barracks. Send in your riflemen and attack only the opposing troops and when you destroy the troops only, end the attack. You might need to do this a few times depending on the base defenses, but keep attacking with riflemen and attack only their troops. For the second phase of the attack, you should also use riflemen, but instead of taking out the base defenses, target their power plants instead. Phase three is the main attack, hit them with your biggest and best, raid their resources, and destroy the remaining buildings.

War Commander Tips – War commander Guide

War Commander Guide

This is A basic War Commander Guide, So we will start with the basics.  All you need to know about the War Commander game map. The map is the heart of the game so use this War Commander Guide to understand the map and How to use it, and you are good to go.

If you are a a veteran War commander game player, then you don’t need this War Commander Guide, but browse around and look for our War Commander Tips, I’m sure you will learn some new stuff as well.

First I will explain what each color means:

Blue means everything you own.

Green means everything your friends own.

Red is everything that is not owned by your or your friends, and therefore by the enemy.

Yellow is everything that is owned by the computer-controlled rogue factions.

To proceed the War Commander Guide I’ll use a screenshot to more easily explain the deferent aspects of the War Commander map:

war commander guide

war commander guide

1: This is your own base on war commander game. Bases are shown by a bunch of buildings, which can be identified as: a Command Center, a War Commander Go-Go Bar, a Barracks, a Power Plant and a War Room (a building that was removed and replaced by the world map). Rogue faction bases also show buildings, but they’re different from the buildings shown on player bases. The Rogue Faction buildings can be identified as: 2 Bunkers, an Oil Storage, the Repair Shop (a building that was planned but never added) and a yet to be identified building. Lower lvl bases do not have all of the buildings posted here, but higher lvl bases do.

2: When you click on your base, these 2 buttons appear. The button indicated by the number 2 is used to enter your base from the war commander world map.
3: This button is used to deploy a platoon when you’re on the war commander world map.

4: This is one of your own platoons. Platoons can be recognized by a combination of units shown. The combinations shown differ according to what’s in the platoons.

  • A single rifleman platoon consists of only a few infantry units.
  • A double Rifleman platoon consists of only a large amount of infantry units.
  • A platoon indicated with 1 Rifleman and 1 Humvee consists of an unspecified amount of infantry units and a small amount of vehicles.
  • A platoon indicated with 1 Rifleman and 1 Tank consists of an unspecified amount of infantry units and a large amount of vehicles.
  • A single tank platoon consists of only a small amount of vehicles
  • A double tank platoon consists of only a large amount of vehicles
  • A single dog platoon consists of only Attack Dogs. So far tests have proven that a double dog platoon is not possible.

5: This is an enemy platoon. Following the rules just stated, this platoon should consist of an unspecified amount of infantry units and a small amount of vehicles. I scouted it and it indeed consisted of 5 Riflemen, 5 Heavy Gunners,3 Rocket Launchers and 2 Humvees.
6: This is an enemy base, identifiable by the red color.

7: This an enemy deposit. Deposits can be identified by the main deposit building that is shown. This deposit is an Oil Deposit looking at the type of building shown. The building that is shown is bigger when the deposit is a higher lvl. More about deposits later on.
8: This is a friendly Oil Deposit. Judging from the size difference in both icons, this friendly deposit is a higher lvl deposit then the deposit from number 7.
9: These are Rogue Faction Bases. They’re identified by the buildings (as already talked about) and the yellow color. Rogue Faction bases are computer controlled bases. Because there are so many of them, and most of them are very easy bases, they form an easy source for resources.
10: When you click on a base, deposit or platoon that’s not your own, these 2 buttons will come up. The first button, the Scout/Attack button, is used when you want to scout and/or attack a base/deposit/platoon. You can only scout or attack something on war commander game when you have a platoon adjacent to the target. The second button is the bookmark button, which will add the target to your bookmarks. (more on that later)
11: This bar shows how many platoons you have deployed. If you hover your cursor over this bar a list of your platoons will appear. The list will show the icon, the name, the travel time (if necessary), the current coordinates, the health bar and the capacity bar of each platoon. Click on any of the platoons to let the game bring you to it on the war commander world map.
12: This bar shows how many deposits you own. If you hover your cursor over this bar a list of your deposits will appear. The list will show the type, the size, the coordinates, the health bar and the capacity bar of each deposit. Click on any of the deposits to let the game bring you to it on the war commander world map.
13: This box tells you the coordinates of the hex your cursor is on, and it will also tell your sector. You can jump sectors by clicking on your Command Center and clicking ‘Relocate’. You can move to sectors your friends are in, but you can also jump randomly if you want. You can also jump in-sector to be closer to a friend of your choice.
14: This is the button that will open your war commander bookmarks. To add something to your  war commander bookmarks, click on it and then click the star icon. When you open your war commander bookmarks, a list of all your bookmarks will appear, along with the name of the bookmark and the location. If you click on a bookmark in the list, the game will automatically bring you there. You can re-name your bookmarks by clicking the pencil in front of the name, and you can delete them by clicking the trash can icon next to the location of your bookmarks. Your recent attackers are also automatically bookmarked, and can be found in the ‘Recent Enemies’ tab in the bookmarks. All the friends that are in your sector are also automatically bookmarked and can be found in the ‘Friends’ tab in the bookmarks.
15: The function of these two buttons is pretty obvious. The first button will bring you to your base automatically on the world map, and the second button will allow you to enter your base from the world map.

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War Commander Tips – War Commander Alliance

War Commander Alliance

War Commander game is a social game and therefor war commander tips about alliance are part of the basics of the game, and an importent aspect of your war commander strategy.

New Bases are protected for the first 7 days while you construct your defense and harvest resources.
After the first 7 days, it depends on the beating you take from other players (war commander alliance).
Your recovery time is proportional to the damage done to your Base.
By clicking on the map button, you will be taken to the war room, where you can see all the war commander alliance that you can engage in a battle on war commander game.
You can’t always attack just anybody,like people that are of a much lower level,or people whose base is already destroyed,
but the game always provides plenty of war commander alliance to take on, including a number of computer players.
In the “Rivals” tab, you will find all the war commander alliance that you have ever attacked or have been attacked by.
An importent War Commander Strategy Before attacking another base,is that you can scout the person’s base to get a good idea of what you’re up against. How many defenses do they have?
Which troops are walking around? As mentioned before,making sure that you have the right combination of troops can make the difference between winning and losing on war commander.
When you’re ready to attack, press the attack button to engage a five minute attack.
On the left,you can choose how many of which troops you want to send out, and then place them on the map.
While you can choose to send in all your troops at once, placing your troops strategically can go a long way.
In the example below,I choose my favorite war commander strategy to drop my troops that are strong against ground troops, near enemy ground troops, so that they can take them out first.
If your combination of aerial troops is better than your combination of ground troops,
or  you can try a different war commander strategy the other way around ,try sending in the weaker troops first to cause a distraction while your stronger troops deal out the heavy damage.
(Sending out these sort of decoy troops in waves,will keep the war commander alliance enemy troops distracted even longer.
Troops that are strong against defenses will then be dropped elsewhere on the map,near defensive structures.)

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Platoons have also filled in a totally new aspect of the game. They form a new target for war commander alliance, and improve the 1-vs-1 real time playing time.
Because the war commander game map is real time, you are directly playing against other players when you’re having platoon battles on the world map, although the attacking of the platoons itself is not (yet) synchronous.
The first thing you need to know is that the attacker is able to deploy their Air units, so you will only need a simple scout platoon to kill any platoon,as long as it doesn’t contain AA units. (don’t forget this war commander strategy)
But the opponent also knows this,so most platoon wars on war commander game are between scout platoons.
In platoon wars, what matters most is who clicks the first.  So to win other war commander alliance always make sure you have an as fast internet connection as possible before starting on important platoon wars (it is not always up to you, but it is an importent war commander tip).
To attack a platoon on war commander you have click 2 buttons: the scout/attack button, and the ‘Attack’ button.
The time between clicking this 2 buttons is the time your alliance has to move their platoon away,so try to train yourself so you can click those 2 buttons as fast as possible.
The most important rule in platoon wars,is only to attack platoons you moved to yourself, and to always move away if your war commander alliance is moving a platoon to you (remember this war commander strategy)
This is because of a little war commander game trick used much in platoon wars. If you move your platoon to an enemy platoon, you can already have your cursor on the scout/attack button, and you can click it immediately when your platoon arrives, giving you a big time advantage (you can thank me for this great war commander tip :-) )
Because your war commander alliance can of course do this too,it’s mandatory to always move away if a platoon is coming to you.
Since you will use multiple platoons most of the time in platoon wars, it’s important to be able to quickly finish off enemy platoons,since you can’t move your other platoon while you’re attacking.
War Commander Strategy To accomplish the quick kill, you will have to use a combination of fixed wing units like thunderbolts or raptors to quickly kill low health units and high damage non-fixed wing units like War hawks to kill high health tanks.
The last important aspect of platoon wars on war commander game is the end of the attack. What is very important,is that there is absolutely no room for complacency when the attack is over.
9 out of 10 times on war commander game the enemy has a platoon waiting outside to snipe and kill your platoon when you’re done attacking.
That’s why you have to keep concentrated and you will have to move your platoon away immediately when you end the attack.

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