War Commander

All You Ever Wanted To Know About War Commander Game, Best War Commander Tips, War Commander Strategy and much more

War Commander - All You Ever Wanted To Know About War Commander Game, Best War Commander Tips, War Commander Strategy and much more

Operation Devil’s Grip

War Commander Operation Devil’s Grip

Get ready for war commanders new operation. operation Devil’s Grip !! its starting on the Dec 19, 2013 (length 6 days) so start getting prepared !!
Here you will find as always all you need to know about devil’s grip. Tips, Guides, Prizes, Videos and much more.

Operation Devil’s Grips will be again a hybrid event (attacking and defending) and you will be fighting against your antagonist Hells Hounds.
There will bw Infinite number of stages, As many Waves as you can handle.
Xp Starts at 700 xp and Increases with each Wave

Event Shop Prizes:
Hover Tank – Experience Required 42,000, Unlocking Requirements Mega Tank, Classification Aircraft
Valkyrie Schematic – Experience Required 32,000, Unlocking Requirements Valkyrie, Classification Schematic
Dual Missile Payload – Experience Required Wave 40, Unlocking Requirements Hellfire
Brimstone Targeting System – Experience Required Wave 70, Unlocking Requirements Hellfire

Sale Prizes:
Spectre – Sale XP Cost 65,000, Unlocking Requirements level 10 tech center, Classification Aircraft
Warhawk – Sale XP Cost 9,625, Unlocking Requirements Thunderbolt, Classification Aircraft
Humvee Elite – Sale XP Cost 4,000, Unlocking Requirements Humvee, Classification Vehicle
Valkyrie – Sale XP Cost 11,600, Unlocking Requirements Sniper, Classification Infantry

War Commander Operation: Devil’s Grip Preview Server Wave 1-10

War Commander Operation: Devil’s Grip Preview Server Wave 11-20

Operation: Devil’s Grip Event Information & New Prizes

War Commander Operation Devils Grip

The in-game description of Operation Devil’s Grip:
“A system of rogue satellites has appeared on the World Map. This level of advanced technology can only mean one thing: we haven’t seen the last of the Hell Hounds, Commander… ” — Kixeye

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Operation Deadpoint 2

Operation Deadpoint 2

After The amazing operation deadpoint we can’t wait for the new war commander operation Deadpoint 2 !!
The event will start at 26/9 and end on the 3/10.

As always you will find here all you need to know to be prepared to war commander operation deadpoint 2.
It’s going to be a hybrid event (attack and defend)
infinite number of stages
XP per stage begins at 600 xp and increases by 0 to 40 xp per stage

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New units:
Spectre – Experience Required 40,000 xp Classification Unique / Air Unlocking Requirements To Be Announced
Hellfire Schematic – Experience Required 30,000 xp Classification Schematic Unlocking Requirements Unlocked Hellfire

Defence – You will get a Special Rogue Faction Event Base adjacent to your own base To complete each Defense Wave you must need to Defend your Base from a Rogue Attack

Attack – To complete a Standard Attack Wave You need to Destroy all Buildings and Turrets on the Rogue Event Base.

War Commander Preview Server – Operation Deadpoint 2

War Commander Operation Deadpoint 2 Prizes

The In game description
“The Eastern Horde are as strong as ever, supporting their Thorium monopoly from increasingly airtight Mountain Fortresses scattered throughout the World Map. It’s time to put a stop to this before General Mutoto’s reign becomes permanent!”

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