War Commander

All You Ever Wanted To Know About War Commander Game, Best War Commander Tips, War Commander Strategy and much more

War Commander - All You Ever Wanted To Know About War Commander Game, Best War Commander Tips, War Commander Strategy and much more

War Commander Vehicles

War Commander Vehicles

In this post you will find all about War Commander Vehicles.

You will find all the in-game descriptions. and some tips from war commander players.

Jackrabbit - The small size and low profile of Jackrabbit makes them very difficult for tanks to damage. These medium-armored drones are mounted with M60E4 machine guns for anti infantry firepower.

Rocket Buggy - Fleet and aiming to kill, Rocket Buggy’s are light strike vehicles equipped with Hydra 70 rocket launchers.

Humvee - Medium-armored jeeps with M2 heavy machine guns, Humvee fire .50 caliber rounds at 1,200 rounds/min.

Rhino - Don’t be fooled by these light tanks, Rhinos are medium armored with a 30 mm L21 cannon that punches holes in lighter vehicles.

Honey Badger - The speedy Honey Badger outflanks and assaults other tanks at close range with no regard for any danger it may be in.

Razorback - Firing BGM-71 TOW missiles, Razorbacks are light-armored, mid-range strike vehicles that take aim at a safe distance.

Gatling Truck - Strapped with an MK 38, these medium-sized vehicles love stripping infantry of their flesh and shooting anything out of the sky.

Paladin - Paladins are beasts on the battlefield. With 120 mm main guns, these heavily armored medium tanks make mincemeat of ground troops.

Shock Tank - The powerful Shock Tank overloads the system vehicles and turrets shutting them for a short time.

Flak Tank - Flak Tanks exist for one purpose: the total annihilation of enemy aircraft. They fire explosive clouds of shrapnel that chew through clusters of enemy air units

Suicide Truck - Fitted with explosives,few things can survive the destructive power of the Suicide Truck’s cargo

Laser Tank - Laser Tanks are long range with very light armor. Their high energy laser burns hard and bright against all ground units

Challenger - Challengers are heavily armored and fire high explosive armor piercing rounds with a 128 mm main gun. Perfect for dealing some serious damage to tanks

Hellfire - Hellfire’s are armored bombardment platforms, perfect for raining destruction upon the enemy with long range rocket strikes

Mega Tank - Outfitted with a 280 mm C/34 main gun, Mega Tanks can level the biggest buildings like they were made of cardboard

Behemoth - With a 300 mm short barrel main gun and thick steel plating, the Behemoth crushes anything foolish enough to oppose it

War Commander – Weapons And Tips

War Commander Weapons And Tips

War Commander Thorium - a new ultra-rare resource to help you dominate the World Map. Thorium is harvested from special deposits and is required to upgrade to Level 10 units, Level 4 Defensive Platforms and the new Cryo Cannon. Thorium deposits are limited and don’t re-spawn immediately, so capture them quickly and hold them until all the Thorium is drained.

Learn all about the Thorium and this Video:

War Commander Behemoth Tank - NEW to the battlefield. This high health tank is capable of leading even your best units into war. The Behemoth Tank is the largest and most powerful tank ever on war commander. the 300 mm short barrel has a largest blast radius then even a Mega Tank. But the Behemoth most valuable asset is its Defence capabilities it is not easy at all to destroy it so use it in the most intense places in your battle ground.

Dominate the third Advanced Mission and this high health tank will be yours.

Earned by destroying 30 lv 40 bases

Behemoth Tank


War Commander Havoc Helicopter – Terrorise the sky with the new Havoc Helicopter a Flying fortress. Use it with War hawks, It will soak up the damage of incoming attack while blasting the battle field with explosive rockets. Use the War hawks as your sword and the Havoc as your shield.

Dominate the second Advanced Mission and put this flying fortress to work for you

War commander Havoc Helicopter

War Commander Colossus – The Colossus is the most heavily armored infantry unit on the battlefield ! The unit has high resistance to explosive weapons allowing it to charge even powerful weapon as mega tanks. The Colossus unit also carries powerful shot guns that enables it to attack successfully multiple units.

Upgrade your Commander Center to Level 5 then destroy one Sickle Syndicate Base to use him in battle

War Commander Colossus

War Commander Shock Tank – The Shock Tank carries a high voltage capacitor. The tank discharges concentrated electromagnetic beams that stuns enemy vehicles and turrets

War Commander Shock Tank

War Commander Suicide Truck – A Very Powerful new attack weapon, just Let this monster do the driving and watch enemy bases go up in flames. And now The Suicide Truck has been upgraded for your destructive pleasure. With a higher top speed and improved targeting, Just relish the beast and your enemies won’t know what hit ‘em

War Commander Suicide Truck

Gun Turret – Destroys enemy forces. You can upgrade the gun turret to improve its range, damage and health. mostly effective against infantry or lightly armoured  vehicles and air units. when you reach level 5 command center you can built up to 8 turrets.

The gun turret has high damage, but has however, a very short range. Turrets CAN HIT AIR!
Since the release of the Hellfire tank, it is very important to have good AA defense on your base to shoot the missiles down.
What can help is to make sure your turrets are in range of as much other turrets as possible and also as deep in range as possible.

Mortar tower - Fires short-range missiles that explode on impact. Great for tight groups of units or vehicles. if you Want to know how far your weapons will fire? check out the red circle when you build weapons to see how far your firepower will reach.

Tanks - used to defend against other tanks,so it is advisable to put them on Gun Turrets to protect them from enemy tanks. Remember to put them on stand-ground stance! (This is available with CC lvl 3+ war commander game players)

AA Units - best be placed on Mortar Towers to protect them from air units, or you can also hide them behind other buildings your opponent might attack with air units. But Heavy Gunners and Riflemen can best be placed inside bunkers.

Suicide Bombers - Hide them behind trees or other decorative features outside your base to give your opponents a nasty surprise! It’s best to put them on normal or aggressive stance.

Snipers - are there to kill mortar bait and minesweepers quickly, and can best be placed in bunker to exploit their long range even more!

Heavy gunner - this is the best AA bunker unit in the game, and therefore it is also widely used for that purpose. With heavy gunners being the best anti-air unit that fits in a bunker,it is advised to use them so.

Rocket launcher - the best anti tank unit that fits in a bunker and many people use it that way. If you want your bunker to be an anti-ground defence too,it is advised to use rocket launchers for that purpose.

Flame thrower - are good for taking out rocket launchers, rocket buggies and razorbacks,because they all shoot rockets, which are just like the mortar tower, not very accurate on moving targets and due to the flamethrower’s speed, they will always miss it when approaching. Flamethrowers do a lot of damage(1266 on lvl 8), but do not survive tanks or air support,so it’s a risk you’re taking when using these units for defending.

The suicide bomber –  this is a very good unit due to its very high damage. The only thing it has to do, is come close to the target, because its damage is enough to kill most tanks, except for the mega tank(11,000 health vs. 10,000 damage). The main tactic is to hide these man behind buildings in your base, or outside your base in the surroundings(behind trees or abandoned buildings). The key is to use them in such a way, you’re opponent will only notice them when it’s already too late.

The Hercules - this used to be the best AA unit in the game, but with the introduction of the Gatling truck,it’s slowly losing that status. But for all the players that didn’t get the Gatling truck,this will be their best AA unit for now