War Commander

All You Ever Wanted To Know About War Commander Game, Best War Commander Tips, War Commander Strategy and much more

War Commander - All You Ever Wanted To Know About War Commander Game, Best War Commander Tips, War Commander Strategy and much more

War Commander Vehicles

War Commander Vehicles

In this post you will find all about War Commander Vehicles.

You will find all the in-game descriptions. and some tips from war commander players.

Jackrabbit - The small size and low profile of Jackrabbit makes them very difficult for tanks to damage. These medium-armored drones are mounted with M60E4 machine guns for anti infantry firepower.

Rocket Buggy - Fleet and aiming to kill, Rocket Buggy’s are light strike vehicles equipped with Hydra 70 rocket launchers.

Humvee - Medium-armored jeeps with M2 heavy machine guns, Humvee fire .50 caliber rounds at 1,200 rounds/min.

Rhino - Don’t be fooled by these light tanks, Rhinos are medium armored with a 30 mm L21 cannon that punches holes in lighter vehicles.

Honey Badger - The speedy Honey Badger outflanks and assaults other tanks at close range with no regard for any danger it may be in.

Razorback - Firing BGM-71 TOW missiles, Razorbacks are light-armored, mid-range strike vehicles that take aim at a safe distance.

Gatling Truck - Strapped with an MK 38, these medium-sized vehicles love stripping infantry of their flesh and shooting anything out of the sky.

Paladin - Paladins are beasts on the battlefield. With 120 mm main guns, these heavily armored medium tanks make mincemeat of ground troops.

Shock Tank - The powerful Shock Tank overloads the system vehicles and turrets shutting them for a short time.

Flak Tank - Flak Tanks exist for one purpose: the total annihilation of enemy aircraft. They fire explosive clouds of shrapnel that chew through clusters of enemy air units

Suicide Truck - Fitted with explosives,few things can survive the destructive power of the Suicide Truck’s cargo

Laser Tank - Laser Tanks are long range with very light armor. Their high energy laser burns hard and bright against all ground units

Challenger - Challengers are heavily armored and fire high explosive armor piercing rounds with a 128 mm main gun. Perfect for dealing some serious damage to tanks

Hellfire - Hellfire’s are armored bombardment platforms, perfect for raining destruction upon the enemy with long range rocket strikes

Mega Tank - Outfitted with a 280 mm C/34 main gun, Mega Tanks can level the biggest buildings like they were made of cardboard

Behemoth - With a 300 mm short barrel main gun and thick steel plating, the Behemoth crushes anything foolish enough to oppose it

War Commander Official Tips

War Commander Official Tips

There Is a great Facebook app page, with some great tips, We recommend to like the page ,the name of the page – War Commander

If find it easier we gathered here the best tips. (come back for updates on this page)

  • Veteran Level Units allow your Infantry, Air, and Vehicles to be upgraded beyond Level 10. Make sure your forces are a step above the rest and rule the battlefield with an iron fist
  • Your explosives arsenal just got bigger! Build a Missile Silo and research new Tomahawk, Griffin, Burner, Skybolt, and Peacekeeper Missiles. Check out this video for more information

  • Introducing new Special Ops – temporary boosts that give your army special troops and abilities. Collect them by attacking Rogue Faction bases. Check out this video for more information on building your Special Ops inventory and dominating the battlefield

War Commander: Special Ops

  • there are eight new levels of Barricades to help protect your base. The higher the level, the larger and more protective the structure. Once you’ve upgraded to Level 5, take cover and watch your Barricades absorb enemy fire.

  • Did you earn a Drone silo ? atch this video to learn how to use it to crush your enemies

  • Building a Cryo Cannon is crucial to any well defended base. Don’t forget, Commander – you’ll have to capture your own supply of Thorium first


  • Strategic Bunkers - Pick the bunker that best meets your defensive needs. Upgrade to the anti-air Watchtower, the fortified anti-tank Stronghold, or stick with the original Bunker that balances the two


  • Your Rocket Launcher units have been upgraded to the all-new Mortar Team, making your platoons more effective against enemy tanks



  • Bunkers have been refortified to make them more effective against enemy attacks


  • Plasma Cannon Turrets can DESTROY enemy tanks. A max level Plasma can end a Mega Tank level 8 or below in just one shot!


  • Honey Badgers benefit more from upgrades than any other unit. Place Honey Badgers on the outskirts of your base to swoop in and destroy enemy tanks at will



  • the Flak Tank and Flak Turret are extra effective against the mighty Kondor! 



  • Use the long range Rocket Barrage Turret or Snipers in Bunkers to pick off enemy Mortar Baiters



  • Dust off those old weapons– you can now upgrade all of your units to a new and improved Level 9. This new top Level rebalances your early units so that they can compete with the best



  • Check out the tightly packed array of Dynamic Turrets of this Level 31 player’s base — the compact design leads showers attackers with explosive damage