War Commander

All You Ever Wanted To Know About War Commander Game, Best War Commander Tips, War Commander Strategy and much more

War Commander - All You Ever Wanted To Know About War Commander Game, Best War Commander Tips, War Commander Strategy and much more

War Commander Tips – War Commander Alliance

War Commander Alliance

War Commander game is a social game and therefor war commander tips about alliance are part of the basics of the game, and an importent aspect of your war commander strategy.

New Bases are protected for the first 7 days while you construct your defense and harvest resources.
After the first 7 days, it depends on the beating you take from other players (war commander alliance).
Your recovery time is proportional to the damage done to your Base.
By clicking on the map button, you will be taken to the war room, where you can see all the war commander alliance that you can engage in a battle on war commander game.
You can’t always attack just anybody,like people that are of a much lower level,or people whose base is already destroyed,
but the game always provides plenty of war commander alliance to take on, including a number of computer players.
In the “Rivals” tab, you will find all the war commander alliance that you have ever attacked or have been attacked by.
An importent War Commander Strategy Before attacking another base,is that you can scout the person’s base to get a good idea of what you’re up against. How many defenses do they have?
Which troops are walking around? As mentioned before,making sure that you have the right combination of troops can make the difference between winning and losing on war commander.
When you’re ready to attack, press the attack button to engage a five minute attack.
On the left,you can choose how many of which troops you want to send out, and then place them on the map.
While you can choose to send in all your troops at once, placing your troops strategically can go a long way.
In the example below,I choose my favorite war commander strategy to drop my troops that are strong against ground troops, near enemy ground troops, so that they can take them out first.
If your combination of aerial troops is better than your combination of ground troops,
or  you can try a different war commander strategy the other way around ,try sending in the weaker troops first to cause a distraction while your stronger troops deal out the heavy damage.
(Sending out these sort of decoy troops in waves,will keep the war commander alliance enemy troops distracted even longer.
Troops that are strong against defenses will then be dropped elsewhere on the map,near defensive structures.)

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Platoons have also filled in a totally new aspect of the game. They form a new target for war commander alliance, and improve the 1-vs-1 real time playing time.
Because the war commander game map is real time, you are directly playing against other players when you’re having platoon battles on the world map, although the attacking of the platoons itself is not (yet) synchronous.
The first thing you need to know is that the attacker is able to deploy their Air units, so you will only need a simple scout platoon to kill any platoon,as long as it doesn’t contain AA units. (don’t forget this war commander strategy)
But the opponent also knows this,so most platoon wars on war commander game are between scout platoons.
In platoon wars, what matters most is who clicks the first.  So to win other war commander alliance always make sure you have an as fast internet connection as possible before starting on important platoon wars (it is not always up to you, but it is an importent war commander tip).
To attack a platoon on war commander you have click 2 buttons: the scout/attack button, and the ‘Attack’ button.
The time between clicking this 2 buttons is the time your alliance has to move their platoon away,so try to train yourself so you can click those 2 buttons as fast as possible.
The most important rule in platoon wars,is only to attack platoons you moved to yourself, and to always move away if your war commander alliance is moving a platoon to you (remember this war commander strategy)
This is because of a little war commander game trick used much in platoon wars. If you move your platoon to an enemy platoon, you can already have your cursor on the scout/attack button, and you can click it immediately when your platoon arrives, giving you a big time advantage (you can thank me for this great war commander tip :-) )
Because your war commander alliance can of course do this too,it’s mandatory to always move away if a platoon is coming to you.
Since you will use multiple platoons most of the time in platoon wars, it’s important to be able to quickly finish off enemy platoons,since you can’t move your other platoon while you’re attacking.
War Commander Strategy To accomplish the quick kill, you will have to use a combination of fixed wing units like thunderbolts or raptors to quickly kill low health units and high damage non-fixed wing units like War hawks to kill high health tanks.
The last important aspect of platoon wars on war commander game is the end of the attack. What is very important,is that there is absolutely no room for complacency when the attack is over.
9 out of 10 times on war commander game the enemy has a platoon waiting outside to snipe and kill your platoon when you’re done attacking.
That’s why you have to keep concentrated and you will have to move your platoon away immediately when you end the attack.

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